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It takes a keen eye to spot the possibilities.

O’Brien Dental Lab has always been a technological front-runner in the dental lab industry.

With a vision to the future, owner Derrick Luksch has a passion for evaluating new materials and technologies, as well as developing his own proprietary systems and processes to add to the quality of the finished product.

O’Brien Dental Lab has been proud to serve as a beta test site for new materials and processes developed by industry leaders such as Nobel BioCare, Dentsply, and Weiland.  Invited to employ the CAD/CAM based Procera system, in 1997 we became one of the first 10 dental labs in the U.S. able to produce high-strength ceramic copings.

Partnering with ClearMatch®, we developed our own in-house DigiColor® system, becoming among the first to pioneer proprietary software advances, facilitating digital shade communication between the dentist and the dental lab technician and integrating digital photography into the shade process.

O’Brien Dental Lab developed and obtained patents for the exclusive use of advanced rapid prototyping and milling technologies in the fabrication of dental restorations. These patents provided the foundation for what would eventually become TRUfit®, our proprietary manufacturing process for fixed prosthodontics.

Many of our custom implant abutments are scanned in-house with either our NobelProcera system (Nobel Biocare) or our CS2 system (Straumann).

Today O’Brien Dental Lab continues to break ground in technological development and adaptation.  Utilizing the latest advancements in digital impressioning, we are able to accept data files from the following top four systems:

  • 3M™ True Definition (3M Espe)
  • iTero® (Cadent)
  • Trios® (3Shape)
  • CS 3500 (Carestream)

For technical questions or to discuss assimilation of new technology with our laboratory, please call 1-800-445-5941 and ask for Chris.


Patents & Certifications

ISO 9001:2008 Certification #AJA08/AN/1016

O’Brien is one of only three dental laboratories in the U.S. to achieve ISO certification.

DAMAS Certification #AJA/NADL/0016

O’Brien was one of the first dental labs in the U.S. to achieve this designation, and as of July 2015 is the only DAMAS lab in Oregon. We are one of only 33 labs nationwide to have received DAMAS certification.

Certified Dental Lab #120847-00

In 2014, the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology declared O’Brien Dental Lab as having demonstrated compliance with standards relating to competency, ethics, and professionalism in the specialties of Crown & Bridge, Complete Dentures, and Ceramics.

Patent US 6,915,178 B2

O’Brien was awarded a patent for a dental prosthesis manufacturing process in 2005.

Patent US 8,784,021 B2

O’Brien was awarded a patent for a Jig device for creating a prosthesis free of surface defects in 2011.